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Garamba National Park, DRC

The ultimate wilderness landscape and a beautiful success story! It is characterised by savannah and equatorial forest, but over the decades, Garamba endured periods of armed conflict, rampant ivory poaching, and civil wars, which led to steep declines in wildlife populations. In 2016, African Parks, together with the ICCN, revised its approach by implementing new systems to overhaul conservation law enforcement and bring stability to the park and its surrounds. Since then, wildlife numbers in the park have begun increasing, and communities have begun realising the benefits from stability in the region.

Tens of thousands of people living around the park have benefitted from the provision of schools, healthcare, and investments in sustainable development and enterprise. In a region with little economic opportunity, Garamba employs over 500 full-time local staff. This historic park now serves as an anchor for regional stability and the source of a brighter future for people and wildlife. Our role was to ensure we supported their teams with bespoke insurance and risk transfer solutions as well as Critical Incident Management and Evacuation services.

Yes – of course I took my binoculars – birders paradise!

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