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Zakouma National Park, Tchad

An African gem! Characterised by perennial river systems, rich floodplains, and seasonal wildlife migrations, Zakouma National Park is a unique story of revival for central Africa. Once a stronghold for well over 4,000 elephants, by 2010 the park had lost 90% of its elephants to ivory poachers, while further havoc was wreaked on the park and local communities by poachers on horseback. But in that same year, the Government of Chad invited African Parks into a long-term agreement to manage Zakouma, to protect the last approximately 500 elephants, and to re-establish stability for the surrounding communities. The Park’s law enforcement and community engagement strategies were immediately overhauled, and the results were palpable.

Zakouma became known as a place of safety, a source of employment, and a service provider to communities previously desperately in need. With each passing year wildlife numbers began to increase and by 2016 poaching was virtually eliminated, as security efforts took hold of the area. Today African Parks has the mandate to manage the entire Greater Zakouma Ecosystem (GZE) of 28,162 km2 and have an even greater impact for wildlife and local communities.

Our role was to ensure we supported their teams, in particular the Rangers / Law Enforcement members, with bespoke insurance and risk transfer solutions as well as Critical Incident Management and Evacuation services

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