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We understand the interdependence of the travel, conservation and risk ecosystem in which we operate. We believe Tourism and Africa’s wilderness landscapes are key to global wellness.

SATSA Board Member

André proudly serves on the SATSA Board while Chairing the Safety & Security Committee and the Adventure Chapter.

With a passion for promoting South Africa as the ultimate global adventure destination, while ensuring all who visit have peace of mind during their travels, André takes on a pivotal role in both committees.

Adventure Chapter

In guiding the self-regulation efforts of adventure operators across the country, our primary objective is to establish an industry-wide code of good practice and individual activity safety standards that will ensure the highest level of safety, professionalism, and excellence within the adventure tourism sector. Collaborating with the industry's most experienced operators, Andre is committed to cultivating an environment where best practices are upheld and where visitors can embark on thrilling adventures with complete peace of mind. By spearheading this crucial project, Andre aims to position South Africa at the forefront of global adventure tourism, showcasing its unmatched beauty and offering unforgettable experiences that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Adventure Tourism | Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (satsa.com)

Safety & Security Committee

We can’t prevent the emergency, BUT we can control effective response and the aftercare that victims receive, thus ensuring that, as far as possible, they leave the country knowing they were cared for.

SATSA’s approach to Safety and Security is focused on a three-point plan and is aligned with existing National and Provincial strategies.

Safety and Security | Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (satsa.com)


TBSCA Safety & Security Consultant

André was invited to be a member of the Safety & Security committee which was set up under instruction of the Minister of Tourism so that private sector specialists may advise and assist in the implement of the 2018 National Tourism Safety Strategy.

Together with colleagues Andre has spearheaded the scaled distribution of the SECURA Traveller Emergency App, the establishment of the SECURA Traveller Operations Centre and the ongoing Traveller Aftercare support service so critical for inbound travellers.

SECURA Traveller Operations Centre (STOC)

With the financial support of the TBSCA, we established a 24/7/365 Operations Desk that coordinates immediate emergency response and aftercare services for Travellers in South Africa.

The aim is to build capacity within STOC and the tourism stakeholders to ensure all traveller related incidents are managed in a way that provides professional response and empathetic aftercare support.

Ranger Protect

Introducing the Ranger Protect project, a transformative initiative driven by André to prioritize the well-being and safety of the courageous men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting Africa's wilderness landscapes.

In a collaborative effort between SATIB Insurance Brokers and the Game Ranger’s Association of Africa, Ranger Protect offers a comprehensive solution to support these unsung heroes in their noble mission. André’s unwavering commitment to this project ensures that game rangers receive the essential protection they deserve.

Through personal accident insurance cover and access to unparalleled critical incident management services, Ranger Protect not only safeguards the physical well-being of rangers but also provides peace of mind to their families and loved ones. With Andre’s leadership and dedication, this initiative aims to empower and support the remarkable individuals who tirelessly work to preserve Africa’s precious natural heritage, ensuring they can carry out their vital conservation efforts with the utmost confidence and security.

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